Nordic Firefighters Union Visit September 12, 2002

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Rev. William Preuss, CEO of Eger, and Astrid Peterson, Volunteer Coordinator, review agenda

Amy Reher, of the Eger ataff and Peter Brethold, Director fo Activities, rehearse the National Anthem

Gene Dockter welcomes firefighters from Maryland and Iceland

Our Guests Arrive

The Ed Thompsons, Senior and Junior

Jim and Mike Kehoe with Uncle Don Thorsen

Guests and residents await start of ceremony

Firefighter Marty Grey of Engine 157 waits to play bagpipes during moment of silence

Amy Reher sings our National Anthem

S.I. Borough Commander John Casey, Roger Karlstron of the Nordic Firefighters Union, and the Consul Generals of Denmark and Norway

Viking President Ed Thompson welcome our guests

Chaplain Everett Wabst prepares for the invocation